Pronota has identified a combination of protein biomarkers that identifies women at risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Pronota’s test will allow health care providers to personalize neonatal care, prevent many of the adverse outcomes and reduce the staggering health care cost.

Pre-eclampsia is a complication of late pregnancy that can severely impact the health of mother and child. About 5% of first time mothers are confronted with pre-eclampsia, with even higher incidence in developing countries. Once diagnosed, the sole treatment option is the delivery of the baby, making pre-eclampsia one of the major causes of prematurity. It also is the leading cause of maternal deaths in the US and Europe.

Currently, no effective test for early (before clinical symptoms) pre-eclampsia prediction exists. Pronota offers an effective blood test that can identify pre-eclampsia months before the disease is currently diagnosed, allowing physicians to prevent the adverse outcomes associated with the disease.

The test combines up to five protein biomarkers and provides a risk score for developing pre-eclampsia. Pronota’s proprietary risk stratification test has been discovered and extensively validated using Pronota’s patented discovery and validation mass spectrometry platform. The test has been translated into an ELISA format. The IMPROvED clinical trial for test launch is funded by an EU grant under the FP7 program.